Next-Generation Panel Presentation

  • As in past conferences, we will actively support presentations by doctoral students and young scholars (less than eight years after receiving their degrees).
    *In consideration of the region, theme, etc., the "Next-Generation Panel Presenters" selected from the "Next-Generation" applicants will be exempted from the registration fee and provided with a partial subsidy (fixed amount) for travel expenses.
  • Each panel will basically consist of a moderator, presenter, and discussant, with a total of 4 to 7 members. Including about three graduate students in the doctoral course among the presenters is desirable.
  • Panels are limited to 1 hour and 30 minutes per panel.
  • Panels are to be organized freely by the participating group/organization. The panel will be responsible for the preparation of all the presentation materials.

About the theme

  • Historical Perception Issues in East Asia
  • Domination of Imperial Japan and Transformation of Colonial Societies
  • Ideological Exchange in East Asia
  • Religions and Religious Interaction in East Asia
  • Politics and International Relations in East Asia
  • Migration and Transformation of People and Commodities in East Asia
  • Economy, Capital, and State in East Asia
  • Japanese Literature in "World Literature"
  • Issues of Aging and Welfare in East Asia
  • Issues in Japanese Language Studies in East Asia
  • AI and Japanese Language Education
  • Society and Gender in East Asia
  • Social Movements in East Asia
  • Japanese Studies and Cultural Representation

Note: The above themes are examples only and do not exclude other themes. Participants are requested to submit an abstract (approximately 1,200 words) of their presentation for the entire panel, with sub-themes based on the above themes.


In principle, the language shall be Japanese. If you wish to present your presentation in non-Japanese, please provide a Japanese translation of your resume or PowerPoint presentation for the sake of communication.

Application Deadlines

Tuesday, May 23 - Wednesday, July 19
(must arrive no later than Wednesday, July 19)

Registration Fee


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