East Asian Consortium of
Japanese Studies (EACJS)
The 7th International Academic Conference

Date: Friday, November 3 - Sunday, November 5, 2023
Venue: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies




2p.m. Friday, November 3

Special lecture 1

「Exploring Heterotopic Experiences of Japanese Literature」

Lecture: Elena Giannoulis
(Freie universität Berlin)
Images detached from space and time - Heterotopias and non-places in contemporary Japanese literature
Discussion: Yoko Tawada,
Qinfeng Li, Dan Shao
Moderator: Hiroyuki Yamaguchi

2p.m. Sunday, November 5

Special lecture 2

「Can Okinawa be the "Catalyst" for peace in East Asia?」

Lecture: Chiyo Wakabayashi
(Okinawa University)
Discussion: Haruka Iharada,
Kozue Uehara,
Eun-ae Kim
Moderator: Tsutomu Tomotsune

9a.m. Saturday, November 4

【Project Panel Ⅰ, Cosponsored by the Consortium for Global Japanese Studies】

「Examining of the future of International Japanese studies」

Lecture: Paula R. Curtis (UCLA)
“Recent hiring trends in Japan Studies”
Commentator: Toshihiko Matsuda
(International Research Center for Japanese Studies)
Nicholas Lambrecht
(Global Japanese Studies Education and Research Incubator)
Moderator: Tsutomu Tomotsune

4p.m. Saturday, November 4

【Project Panel Ⅱ】

「Dialogue between EAJS and EACJS」


Verena Blechinger-Talcott
(EAJS, Free University of Berlin)

“Governing Global Flowers. Japanese politics and global value chains”

Andrej Bekeš
(EAJS, University of Ljubljana)

“Distant Co-occurrence Patterns of Connectives in Japanese: a Corpus Study of Formulaicity”

Mark Hudson
(Researcher, Max Planck Institute of Geoanthropology, Jena)

“Transeurasian languages and Japanese”
Commentator: Park Cheol Hee (Seoul National University)
Ikuko Ijuin (TUFS)
Moderator: Tsutomu Tomotsune


May 23, 2023

Call for Participants

Jul.19, 2023
(must arrive by Wed.)

The due date for the application

Early Aug. 2023

Call for General Participants(only observation)

Mid Aug. 2023

Announcement of the selection results

Early Sept. 2023

The conference program will be posted on the web site.

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